Interactive map

In this interactive map you can check all the communities with the complete registration in the Tô no Mapa application. It is a process that is constantly being updated and that seeks to accompany the dynamism of the Initiative and the diversity of peoples, traditional communities and family farmers in Brazil.

There are two types of icons you can select. The orange icon represents communities that have chosen to make their data public: it is fixed in the center of the territory, together with the name of the community, in addition to information such as the number of families that live there and the segment with which they identify. The green icon represents communities that chose not to publicly disclose their data: it is fixed in the host municipality, informing the number of communities in the region and their segments.

It is also possible to filter the interactive map view based on specifications such as: state, community/segment type and whether the data is public or not. Feel free to browse!