Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of the Tô no Mapa app

Welcome to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of the Tô no Mapa app, offered by the Amazon Environmental Research Institute (IPAM), a non-profit private organisation, headquartered in Belém, Pará, Av. Rômulo Maiorana, 700, Torre Vitta Office, sala 1011, Bairro Marco, CEP 66093-67, and registered in the CNPJ/MF as no. nº 00.627.727/0001-01, in partnership with two other organisations, the Institute for Society, Population, and Nature (ISPN), non-profit entity, headquartered in Brasília, Distrito Federal, SHCGN CLR Quadra 709 Bloco “E” Loja 38 CEP 70.750-515, registered in the CNPJ/MF as no. 26.445.312/0001-00,  and the Cerrado Network, non-profit entity, headquartered in Brasília, Distrito Federal, SHCGN CLR Quadra 709 Bloco “E” Loja 38 CEP 70.750-515, registered in the CNPJ as no. 13.040.060/0001-80, acting jointly as holders of the personal data collected by the app and committing to use this information only to the aforementioned purposes.

The app was built through the dialogue between many civil society organisations and local communities, with the aim of creating an unprecedented map containing information about rural and traditional peoples and communities in Brazil, hoping to ensure their social and territorial rights.

In this space, we bring forth information about how the personal data that may be submitted by users when accessing the Tô no Mapa app is collected and used and we state the applicable conditions during access to these environments and how their respective information is should be used.

We emphasise that any person, be they natural or legal, who accesses, utilises, and supplies personal information through the app explicitly accepts all the conditions stated in these Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Accordingly, if the user does not agree with any condition stipulated by this document, access and use of the website and its platforms must be immediately ceased.

We do not handle the personal data of minors without the consent of their legal representatives. Therefore, upon opening the app, we requested the user state their age. If they are a minor, we request the Natural Persons Register – CPF of their legal representatives, as well as their phone number and email, in order to forward them a term of consent regarding their data.

In case of doubts regarding usage procedures or information about the handling of personal data and observance of privacy, we are at your disposal at contato@tonomapa.org.br.

The app may occasionally include links to other websites. Such links are available for your convenience with the aim of providing additional information. We are not responsible for the content of these websites and our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy does not apply to them, making it important that you read their own Terms of Use and Privacy Policies before accessing them.

I – Definitions

IPAM, ISPN, and the Cerrado Network: any mention to “us” and “our” is a reference to the joint work of these three organisations regarding this initiative.

User: any natural or legal person who accesses, sends or supplies information to our Website and platforms. Any reference to “you” and “yours” refers to the user.

Personal data: as defined by article 5 of the General Data Protection Law (LGPD or LGPDP) – Law no. 13.709/2018, any information related to an identified or identifiable natural person.

Sensitive personal data: personal data about racial or ethnic origin, religious beliefs, political opinions, union membership, religious, philosophical, or political organisation affiliation, health status or sexual life, genetics or biometry, concerning a natural person.

Handling: any operation conducted with personal data, such as those referring to the collection, production, reception, classification, access, reproduction, transmission, distribution, processing, archiving, storing, elimination, evaluation, or control of information, modification, communication, transfer, dissemination, or extraction.

II – Regarding the service offered by the Tô no Mapa app

The Tô no Mapa app allows the user to define the boundaries of the rural community where they live in the way most suitable to the needs of said community. It is possible to do so by recording points on the map, sending archives containing that information, or by walking through the territory and marking areas of fruit harvesting, location of houses, among other relevant characteristics. The app also allows the user to indicate any areas of conflict, invasion, mining, or any other threat.

Considering the subsequent disclosure of non-registration information, that is, community name, foundation year, state, municipality, number of families, and community map, the data will be made publicly available in order to reach the purpose of this app. On the other hand, registration information, that is, phone number, name, and Natural Persons Register (CPF) will not be divulged and will be kept on the internal databases of the three institutions in charge of the app adhering to strict information safety and data protection standards.

III – Website and Platform Content

The organisations that created the app reserve the right to, at any moment and without previous notice, modify, alter, add, or remove content from their Platforms and Website, including texts, images, and photographs, with the new versions coming into force from the moment they are posted on the Website or the Platform, as applicable.

The organisations that created the app are not responsible for eventual flaws, the impossibility or inability to access it by virtue of difficulties or problems on the part of the User, such as inadequate settings, technical difficulties, and others.

Although the organisations that created the app engage in their best efforts to keep their systems safe, taking into account the vulnerabilities and the constant advances in hacking technologies, WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THIRD-PARTY ACTIONS THAT SUCCESSFULLY MANAGE TO COLLECT OR USE, TROUGH ANY MEANS, REGISTRATION DATA AND INFORMATION SUBMITTED BY THE USER TO THEIR WEBSITE AND PLATFORMS.

In addition to the data supplied by the users, the content made available on the app is also assembled through public sources. Therefore, they can be utilised without the consent of their respective owner, in compliance with the principles and rights stipulated by the General Data Protection Law. Accordingly, the source of the data will always be cited, referencing us and official sources used by them specifically.

IV – What is the user barred from doing?

Transmitting and/or divulging content with the intent of breaking municipal, state, federal, or international laws or regulations, or in order to induce, promote, or incentivise illegal acts or the dissemination of discriminatory ideas (on account of handicaps, gender, race, religion, age, or social status) or those jeopardising fundamental rights and liberties, liable to be held accountable by eventual damages, be they moral or material, stemming from this behaviour.

To promote the proper functioning and quality of the services on the Website and on the Platforms, the organisations that manage this app reserve the right to, without previous notice, impede or interrupt a User from accessing the app, if they, according to these organisations, are breaking any parameters stipulated on these Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

V – Personal data handled

When you register on the app, you are supplying us with the following personal data:

  • Name
  • Cell phone
  • Natural Persons Register (CPF)
  • Municipality
  • State

By proceeding through with your registration, the following data about the community is collected, which can be made public if you choose to do so to help the app reach its goal of putting everybody on the map:

  • Community name
  • Year of founding
  • Municipality
  • State
  • Number of families
  • Community Meeting Minutes
  • Boundaries (location) of the community
  • Places of use
  • Places of Conflict
  • Any additional information you may wish to supply

It’s alright if you don’t want to make your community’s data publicly available! We will keep the information safe and stored internally to be used by you and the organisations to strengthen the community. We will divulge this information only in the form of the total number of registrations on the app.

All of the data will be stored on the databases of the organisations that manage the app and will be used to:

  • Make the marking results publicly available, with your consent, creating a map in which the communities are visible;
  • Partake in events to strengthen the community;
    • Registration data will be used:
      • To confirm the veracity of the information submitted;
      • To allow you to exercise your data protection rights;
      • To provide feedback to our sponsors about the reach and impact of our project;

VI – Data sharing possibilities

The personal data collected may be shared:

  • With third partners providing services essential to running the app;
  • With sponsors both in Brazil and abroad, for a) auditing and b) assess the impact of our project;
  • With judicial and administrative public authorities in the event of a request concerning legal purposes;
  • Naturally, between the app’s organisers to reach the goals it sets out to meet and to conduct research;

Your data is made available according to the abovementioned information. We will not sell your personal data to third parties with commercial goals, even for marketing purposes, without your previous and explicit consent.

VII – Safety and data storage period

We keep your personal data only when necessary to be able to provide our services, that is, for legitimate and essential endeavours, such as commercial decision-making, fulfilling our legal and fiscal obligations, settling litigation, preventing fraud, and maintaining your safety.

In case of a request to exclude information, we reserve the right to keep any data necessary to:

  • Solve a problem related to your account, such as a complaint related to the services provided, in which case we will retain the data until the matter is solved;
  • When data is necessary to fulfil legal and fiscal obligations or audits, in which case the data needs to be kept during the legally stipulated timeframe;
  • When data is necessary for legitimate commercial interests, balancing the impact of said interests with the data user’s rights, such as fraud prevention and maintaining the user’s safety;

When your account is deactivated, we will exclude or anonymise the personal data we have kept relating to you;

Your information will be stored in a secure server, adopting all technical and organisational measures to ensure its availability, integrity, and confidentiality.

Whenever a need to identify or supply confidential information arises, data transmission between your device and our Website and Platforms will be conducted using a secure connection.

VIII – User and their responsibility

Data provided by the User: the User should always strive to provide truthful and exact information, while safekeeping their access code, knowing that they might be criminally or civilly liable regarding incorrect or improper information.

Means of access to the app: It is the user’s entire responsibility: (i) to provide their own Internet access and to pay all the service taxes potentially charged by third parties regarding such access; (ii) provide their own access to an email address and pay all the service taxes potentially charged by third parties regarding such access; (iii) provide all the necessary equipment to connect to the Internet, including but not limited to a device connected to an internet network, and (iv) keep your device safely connected to the internet, using available tools such as updated firewalls and antiviruses, among others, in order to reduce the User’s electronic risk exposure.

Improper content use or inclusion: the User is responsible for the violation of third-party rights that might ensue from an improper use of the app. Therefore, we advise our users to discuss the information submitted to the app with the members of their community, in order to reach an agreement about the boundaries of the territory.

In both cases, the User is responsible for maintaining the veracity of the information submitted to the app, as well as the veracity of the data submitted by them to that digital environment.

Compensation: the User agrees to compensate the organisations that manage the app by damages caused to them or third parties, stemming from an improper use of the app. In the same way, the organisations agree to compensate people damaged by an unlawful data use.

Intellectual property: the app contains intellectual property belonging to IPAM, ISPN, and the Cerrado Network, or licensed to these organisations. This material includes but is not limited to design, alignment, appearance, and graphics.

The User assumes any and all civil and/or criminal responsibility regarding an improper use of information, texts, graphics, brands, works, and of any and all intellectual or industrial properties of the Website and the Platforms.

Commercial reproduction of the information is prohibited unless the organisations managing the app consent to it in other ways. However, content reproduction for personal use or to conduct studies and research is permitted under a partnership term ensuring that said studies and research align with the objectives of the Tô no Mapa app, in which case a data source citation is required.

Any use not falling under this current authorisation will be considered a violation of copyright and will be subjected to the possible sanctions stipulated in Law no. 9610/98 and its eventual amendments.

If you consider we are using any copyrighted material improperly, we ask you to contact us at contato@tonomapa.org.br with proof of ownership so that we can take the appropriate measures as soon as possible.

IX – Exclusion of Warranty and Responsibility

We are not responsible for services provided by third parties after the User has been directed via links on our websites and platforms, which will be done at the User’s own risk. These websites will be governed by their own Terms of Use and Privacy Policies that the User should read. The User will be solely responsible regarding the terms and conditions of acquiring products and services hired/offered via simulations conducted on our Website or our Platforms, as applicable.

We are also not liable for any loss or damage incurred by the User during these accesses.

X – Last update and changes to the Term of Use and Privacy Policy

This Term of Use and Privacy Policy was published with its latest update on 24th May 2021. If you periodically use our Website and Platforms, we recommend you check this Term of Use and Privacy Policy to verify if there are any eventual changes and if you agree with them.